Legislative Update

Is Pre-K Coming Your Way?

Because of focused, strategic advocacy, pre-k expansion became – and remains – a statewide priority in New Jersey. The listing of the original 35 funded districts was constant for many years until 2017; since then, there’s been pre-k expansion funding in every recent state budget! As of 2021, there are 150+ school districts with state-funded, full-day pre-k — and thanks go to the Governor and Legislature!

Even with this remarkable record of achievement – 150+ districts with NJ’s pre-k, there are 110+ eligible school districts – and their communities – that still wait. These districts are in rural, suburban and urban communities, and are located across our state: from east to west, and north to south. Visit Pre-K Our Way’s Spring 2021 ad for a listing of the 110+ waiting districts…..

The Governor’s proposed FY2022 budget includes $50 million in funding for pre-k expansion. Thanks, Governor and Legislature! Let’s continue substantial pre-k expansion THIS YEAR! 

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