Legislative Update

Pre-k expansion is a NJ priority. The strategic effort to have pre-k expansion as a statewide priority began in early 2015, and we’ve accomplished so much together! It’s time to SIGNIFICANTLY fund pre-k expansion – NOW! That’s our message for the upcoming state budget. Why? Tens of thousands of NJ’s 3- and 4-year-olds across hundreds of communities remain waiting.

Is Pre-K Coming Your Way?

Pre-k expansion is a statewide priority in New Jersey. Both the governor and NJ’s legislative leadership are committed to pre-k expansion. Governor Murphy has been clear about his support for full expansion (and universal pre-k) within four-years as stated in his March 2018 Budget Address. While visiting a new pre-k expansion district in early 2019, Governor Murphy made it personal, “I am committed to continuing pre-k expansion” in our state.

Thanks to Governor Murphy and the Legislature, more communities have state-funded, full-day pre-k for some or all 3- and 4-year-olds. However, there should be hundreds more communities – and tens of thousands more children – with access to NJ’s full-day, state-funded pre-k for every 3- and 4-year-old in the community.  

The NJ Department of Education determined the new pre-k expansion communities funded through this year’s state budget. In addition to communities announced in September 2018, there were additional communities announced in October 2018. If your community is not listed, let your legislators know that you want state-funded, full-day pre-k in your community! It’s time to SIGNIFICANTLY fund pre-k expansion – NOW!

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