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Community Communication Meetings

In 2008, NJ promised to expand pre-k to hundreds more communities – like yours. 50,000 kids are still waiting each year—that’s not right!

Watch this space for information about upcoming Community Communication meetings! We’ve held four so far – each in a different area of the state. They provide a preview of upcoming focus or activity, Q&A, discussion and networking. Be one of the voices for pre-k expansion in your community throughout the 2017 gubernatorial and legislative election discussions!

For our first four meetings (two each in November 2016 and March 2017), attendees represented hundreds of communities and almost all of the 50,000 3- and 4-year-olds who wait every year for access to NJ’s high-quality, full-day, state-funded pre-k. Attendees came from 19 different NJ counties and at least 37 different NJ Legislative Districts.

Other meetings will occur throughout 2017, strategically timed to maximize results as Pre-K Our Way works with you to increase the statewide priority of pre-k and drive results: pre-k expansion by a new governor and legislature in 2018. Can’t wait? Let us know if you have a meeting where you’d like to have Pre-K Our Way provide materials or share information about the opportunity to expand NJ’s pre-k to 50,000 kids waiting – every year!

Remember to sign up for email updates on our website—and follow us on Facebook or Twitter, as that’s where we’ll have the first announcements and updates! And always: check out our ads and materials. Let our legislators know that you – and 50,000 kids across NJ, are waiting for NJ’s high-quality pre-k.

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