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  • Governor Murphy delivered his State of the State on Jan 12, saying, "....we move forward to close the remaining educational gaps...(such as) expanding access to pre-k -- one of the smartest investments we can make." NJ's pre-k remains a statewide priority!
  • For 2021, let’s reach a total of 200+ districts to be funded with NJ’s pre-k!
  • Fund substantial pre-k expansion THIS YEAR!
  • On December 21, Governor Murphy announced the newest 10 school districts to receive pre-k expansion funding for state-funded, full-day pre-k. The newest districts are: Clementon, Egg Harbor Township, Fairview, Hampton, Lumberton, Manville, Matawan-Aberdeen, North Arlington, Quinton and Seaside Heights. Congratulations! That makes 156 school districts with NJ's pre-k!!

There are more than 150 school districts with state-funded, full-day pre-k.


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